Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thurston Park for Sale?

Yesterday I visited the Hudson Development Corporation website and was shocked to see listed in the right-hand column, among the commercial properties owned by the City of Hudson or Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency being offered for sale, 235 Warren Street. That's Thurston Park!

I raised the alarm among various members of the Common Council. After all, a beautifully designed and frequently used pocket park isn't just so much surplus property. Alderman Ellen Thurston (Third Ward) said she thought it was a mistake and called HDC to inquire. Her suspicions were confirmed, but 235 Warren Street has yet to be removed from the list on the website. So if you (as I did) happen upon the list of properties that includes 235 Warren Street, do not be dismayed (as I was). Thurston Park is not for sale.

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