Monday, August 23, 2010

Fire on Warren Street

There was a fire early this morning at 211 Warren Street, a building that has been unoccupied for several years. By around 6:30, although backup units from across the river continued to arrive, and a Hudson firefighter remained poised at the top of the ladder, ready to break through the roof to fight the fire from above, it appeared that the fire had been extinguished, and all was again well.


  1. i heard all of this, clear as a bell, from my bed in athens, a block in from the river. what a ruckus! the funny part is that the deafening volunteer fire siren here went off AFTER the athens trucks had gone screaming out (i think they just like sounding the alarm). glad the fire wasn't as bad as it sounded from here!

  2. Having had a fire in our house -- December 23, 2007 -- I can tell you that even a whispered siren sends chills up my spine. We had some 55 volunteer firemen here the night of our fire, which was whipping up the side of the house and, unbeknownst to us, eating at at the rafters and floorboards of the attic when the first truck arrived. (My tenant, who discovered the fire, was still on with 911 when the that truck zoomed around the corner.) We were, said the fire chief the next day, "three minutes to blast off." Needless to say, it was with many mixed emotions that that I saw some of these same guys dousing the bonfire at the Basilica....