Monday, August 9, 2010

Local Waterfront Successes

The Department of State just published its Report of Accomplishments, 2007-2010. Strange. In its account of LWRP successes it says nothing about routing dump trucks through a wetland or loading a billion pounds of gravel onto barges parked cheek by jowl with a public park. Instead it's filled with phrases like "regional boating center and tourist destination," "thriving entertainment district," "enhancing the public's ability to use the waterfront." Could it be we're getting something wrong?


  1. Well Lorraine hasn't experienced Hudsons' new and improved 'industrial / recreational' zoning brain child yet.

  2. I don't get this. I visit the waterfront often with my wife and we see plenty of friends down there and nobody has a problem with the site next door except some. What's a the fuss about? I like what i see going on there and it keeps improving all the time.

  3. Anonymous, if they get permission with this bad plan then the loading and docking and truck activity will be ten times worse.