Monday, May 20, 2013

Get Ready to Vote

Tomorrow, we in the Hudson City School District vote on the proposed 2013-2014 budget and select two members of Board of Education. 

The total budget proposed for 2013-2014 is $43,416,302--an increase of 1,865,587, or 4.49 percent more than the budget for 2012-2013. The revenue that must come from the tax levy has risen 4.79 percent, from $19,708,416 to $20,652,449. An informational flier distributed by HCSD attributes 99.43 percent of the increase over last year's budget to "mandated employee costs." 

There are five candidates running for two vacant seats on the Board of Education. 

  • Jaclyn Rose Bruntfield, 27, who lives on Glenwood Boulevard in Hudson
  • Joseph E. Carr, 57, who lives on Edmonds Lane in Hudson
  • Scott D. diMonda, 44, who lives on Arthur Avenue in Greenport
  • Tiffany Martin Hamilton, 42, who lives on upper Warren Street in Hudson (incumbent)
  • Lynn E. Lee, 59, who lives on County Route 14 in Greenport

Lynn Sloneker provides the links to opening statements made by each of the candidates during last Tuesday's candidate forum on her blog Unmuffled. The entire forum has been archived and can be heard online at WGXC.

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