Thursday, May 16, 2013

Support for Public Events

Every year, the City of Hudson budgets a sum of money for the Common Council Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Committee to distribute to events that are created by Hudson-based organizations, take place in Hudson, and have a positive impact on the entire city. In the past, the pot has been about $15,000. People seeking support for their events would come to the committee to request funds, and the committee would dole out money as long as it lasted. This year, things were a bit different. The Arts, Entertainment & Tourism Committee, chaired by Alderman David Marston (First Ward) instituted an application process, so that all requests could be considered at the same time and by the same criteria. Also different this year, the committee had an extra $5,000 from the Hudson Development Corporation to distribute, making the total amount to be awarded $20,250.

Last night, in a meeting open to the public and attended by Rich Volo, Ellen Thurston, Chad Weckler, Register-Star reporter Joe Gentile, and Gossips, the committee--Marston, aldermen Sheila Ramsey (Fourth Ward) and Ohrine Steward (Fourth Ward), and Common Council president Don Moore--deliberated, considering the events in alphabetical order, and made their awards. Gossips reports them in descending order by the amount granted.

  • $3,200 for Flag Day
  • $3,200 for the Hudson Pride Festival
  • $2,900 for the Black Arts Festival
  • $2,450 for Winter Walk
  • $2,000 for the Hudson Music Fest
  • $1,500 for Arts Walk
  • $1,500 for the Bangladeshi Festival
  • $500 for a Craft Fair
  • $400 for a Farm & Flea Market at Basilica Hudson
  • $400 for BeLo 3rd A Taste of Hudson
  • $400 for the Bindlestiff Winter Circus
  • $400 for the Chili Fest
  • $400 for the Halloween Parade
  • $400 for Sloops & Scoops presented by Kite's Nest
  • $350 for a bus trip for seniors organized by Doris Moore, commissioner for aging
  • $250 for banners for a Walkabout sponsored by HDC
Only two of the projects that applied for money were not funded. In the case of one, it was felt that the application did not address the criteria. In the case of the other, it was felt that the event did not meet the criteria. 


  1. Carole, who was the gentleman who you did not mention being there, sitting against the east wall of the room and who just was at the Flag Day meeting?

    1. Duh! Chad, I have no idea. I didn't mention him because I didn't see him. The only person I noticed in proximity to the east wall was Common Council president Don Moore.