Friday, May 31, 2013

See! Save! Celebrate! Detail 31

We've come to the end of May, and the end of Gossips' observance of National Preservation Month. You've got the weekend to go in search of any architectural details that may be eluding you. A walking list with photographs of all thirty-one details can be downloaded here

Create a numbered list, from 1 to 31, identify each detail by address, and submit your list electronically to Gossips before midnight Sunday, June 2. Be sure to identify yourself on your listby name, or pseudonym, if you're shy. On Monday, June 3, Gossips will publish the locations of all the details along with the names of the sharp-eyed readers who identified all (or most) of them correctly.

The series of details started with door panels, and appropriately, the last detail is also part of a door. The first one, I'm told, was a stumper. This one should be much easier.

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