Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hudson and the River

While government officials fret about a stalled LWRP and wring their hands over the urgent need to repair or replace the Ferry Street bridge, there is a group with a simpler plan for connecting to the river.

The Hudson Sloop Club sailed onto many people's radar last Friday when the group hosted a fish fry at Basilica Hudson followed by a lecture by Dr. Guy McPherson on the subject of local resiliency for the 21st century. 

The goal of the Hudson Sloop Club is to bring the Hudson River back into the daily life of our community, and the club's organizers are doing it by restoring and building a fleet of boats and providing education in seamanship, boat safety, and the river's ecology, history, and protection for the future. This spring, the Hudson Sloop Club offered ten-week workshops, which started in April, in wooden boat building. An afternoon workshop for children is conducted in collaboration with Kite's Nest and coordinates with an evening workshop for adults. Both workshops contribute to the construction of a twelve-foot sailing skiff.

To learn more about the goals and programs of the Hudson Sloop Club, visit their website. To learn about sloop club activities and events, visit their Facebook page. To support the sloop club's effort and become a member, visit Indiegogo.

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  1. What an original idea. A community wharf? Who would have thunk it? Bet Lois Lerner would run this right up the flagpole...The North Dock rod and gun Navigators will have a new (impartial)review, or Popeye is a punk! The Jenkins' curse remains; any politician that attempts to limit Navigation from Hudson for hunting, fishing or any other reason will fail.