Thursday, May 23, 2013

More About the Hudson Sloop Club

Our post about the Hudson Sloop Club on Tuesday inspired Jennifer Arenskjold to send these pictures, taken at the fish fry last Friday. The centerpiece of each is the Mariana, a smakkejolle sailboat that belongs to Kim Arenskjold. The Mariana, which is forty or fifty years old, is an example of an old style of Danish sailboat still in use today. It was shipped here from Denmark last year. It is now undergoing some restoration at the sloop club before being launched on the river this summer.


  1. How beautiful.Great event. Great photos.

  2. Last year I had to dig out my telescope to look across the water and see who was navigating this amazing little sailboat.

    To my astonishment and delight it was Jennifer and Kim.

    Whether I'm out on the river, or only looking out at it, now I always look for the Mariana.

    - Timothy

  3. I learned to sail when I was between 10-15 years of age in the San Francisco Bay. It's a wonderful experience to be in a small craft which is a partnership with so many involved - and I'm speaking of the craft, and those that construct it, Mother Nature and YOU!

    Support this project!

  4. The "spirit" of Hudson is more than a boat. It's the people who build them. "Navigators of the deep".