Thursday, July 30, 2015

Behold the Ramp!

People were disappointed on Tuesday by a schematic of the ramp being proposed for Promenade Hill which made it impossible to imagine what the ramp would actually look like or how it would function.

Today some color has been added to the drawing and an aerial picture provided to show where it would be positioned. The effect is that it's easier to understand how the ramp works but not much easier to imagine what it would look like to someone approaching the steps to the park.

The application for the grant to fund the ramp must be submitted tomorrow, July 31, so we all need to hope this will pass muster with the folks who decide who gets the money. If the grant is awarded, there will be the opportunity to alter, refine, improve the design before it is actually constructed. If the grant is not awarded, we're going to end up with a "temporary" ramp that will cost the City $20,000, so it's likely we would have to live with it for a while.


  1. I am completely confused by this. What is that right-angle on the left-hand side of the purple path?

    1. Yup. There's a landing there, which is approximately 3.6 feet square, and then the ramp continues to the right, through an opening in the existing retaining wall, into the park.

  2. A circular ramp would have taken up less space, looked better and cost less.