Friday, July 17, 2015

Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Soon after the Albany Business Review's 2015 Schools Report demonstrated that change (for the better anyway) comes slowly if it comes at all, property owners in the Hudson City School District got their 2015-2016 school tax bills. The nearness of these two events inspired a reader to share this little item which appeared in the Hudson Evening Register almost a hundred years ago, in 1916.

Gossips Googled John T. Devine, hoping to discover that he was a prominent educator of the time, only slightly less famous than John Dewey, but an initial search discovered nothing.

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  1. They are certainly "brief and crisp." Inclusive? Not so much. If this circumscribes the essence of an education, it sounds like a wonderful prescription for growing dutiful and useful subjects, but not so much for developing citizens. If you proffered these "principles" without revealing the source, I'd have guessed a 1930s totalitarian regime. I hope we are aiming a little bit higher.