Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Demand for Change

Apparently provoked by this morning's news that the Hudson City School District, which ranks 80 among 84 in performance, ranks 35 among 91 in what it compensates its superintendent, John Friedman, Hudson alderman representing the Third Ward, has launched an online petition calling for change at the top: "Remove Ineffective and Non-responsive Leadership at the School District." To quote the petition's call to action:
It's time for the leadership of this under-performing and over-funded district to go. We need, and our kids deserve, a team with demonstrable skills in education, administration and leadership. And a Ph.D. would be nice--not one staff person or teacher at the HCSD has earned a doctorate! And we--you and me--pay them as if they were over-achieving leaders when, in fact, they are underachieving and overpaid.


  1. (Second try at this comment.)

    It seems highly unlikely that the reason for the terrible academic performance of the Hudson public schools is the lack of faculty with PhDs.

    Almost 60% of my high school graduating class went to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford and there were no PhDs on the faculty (though my Latin teacher did earn a doctorate from the University of Chicago after I'd graduated).

    -- Jock Spivy

  2. Vouchers that promote school choice, would reduce cost (seats) to the Columbia County taxpayer.