Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Negativity Park No More?

Many remember--because it was just a matter of days ago--when Washington Square, a.k.a. Courthouse Square, was studded with signs proclaiming what was not allowed. There were so many signs informing the public of what was prohibited that some were inspired to dub the space "Negativity Park." Now only the one of those signs remains (possibly an oversight?), and people may have to start calling it by its rightful name.

Except for the one shown above, the "No Dogs on Lawn" signs have disappeared, perhaps in recognition of the fact that dogs will walk on the lawn no matter what the signs say, and been replaced by three signs reminding dog walkers that the law requires them to keep their dogs on a leash and to pick up after them.

More evidence that the square may be trying to shed its reputation for negativity is the gazebo, which used to be surrounded by a chain, have chains across both stairs that give access to it, and be trimmed by signs warning against climbing on, writing on, sitting on, or even gazing on the gazebo. Now the chains are gone, and there is word that benches have been designed to fit inside the gazebo so that on a pleasant summer day one might sit in the gazebo and perhaps even enjoy one's lunch there.

Now if only something could be done, beyond making in-kind repairs, with the rest of the benches in the park.


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