Friday, July 24, 2015

Trouble in Paradise

Last Saturday, at his reelection campaign kickoff, Mayor William Hallenback announced that the senior center at the Armory, a.k.a. the Galvan Community Learning Center, would open in forty-five days. Now Daniel Kent, executive director of the Galvan Foundation, says there will be no senior center if HCDPA (Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency) doesn't cough up the $100,000 it committed to the senior center back in 2012 when the expectation was that a new facility would be built with CDBG funds. Sheena Salvino, executive director of HCDPA, says giving $100,000 to Galvan would bankrupt the agency. John Mason has the whole story in today's Register-Star: "Agency board says no money for Galvan."


  1. Common Council President Don Moore said he believes the [$100,000] was intended to go for outfitting of the center — chairs, tables, furniture, desks, computers ..."

    Can you get more than a table for $100,000? (That's a question for the Pentagon.)

    Moore: “My question for Galvan is, Does it want to see the HCDPA terminated?”

    You know, maybe these Galvan people are onto something after all ...

  2. This Senior Center and its dowery have been under a dark cloud since inception.

    From the Boys & Girls Club absurdity to the Galvan grab.

    All while a perfectly modern building sat available for their purchase for $375. K

    No surprise here.

  3. Said building - now "our clinic" - ended up satisfying Galvans need for a clinic (which was planned for the Armory) , and a food source, for his master plan for Hudson of gov't subsidized windfall ...

    so many webs

  4. " Sheena Salvino, executive director of HCDPA, says giving $100,000 to Galvan would bankrupt the agency."

    When HCDPA (or HDC) restrains the tourism that the fishing and hunting trades bring in, it should go out of business.