Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Gossips has received word that two studies of interest to the citizens of Hudson have been completed, but it seems it will be a while before the public learns the results of either one of them.

The first is the outcome of the item by item analysis of the single bid received and the value engineering for the police and court building. 

Common Council president Don Moore confirmed that a preliminary report from architect Richard Franklin and construction manager Joe Rapp had been submitted early last week, but the process would not be complete until the Hudson Police Department and the Office of Court Administration (OCA) have reviewed the report. This review, Moore predicted, will be completed "in the next few weeks." He told Gossips that all involved are "working to stay with the plan submitted to OCA," which calls for "completion of value engineering, discussions and modifications to existing plans and specifications, issuance of amended bond resolution, approval of modified plans and specifications, and issuance of bidding documents" to happen by July 21, 2015.

The second is the feasibility study on the Dunn building at the waterfront, which Saratoga Associates has been working on for the past six months. 

At this very moment, the findings of that study, which will likely determine the future of the only surviving 19th-century industrial building on the riverfront, are being presented to members of the Common Council, the chair of the Planning Board, and others, at a meeting which is not open to the public. Sheena Salvino, executive director of the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC), assured Gossips that she was "sure that a public meeting will be held," but such a meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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  1. The Dunn building feasibility study, paid for, I would imagine, with public funds, is certainly a public document.