Friday, July 17, 2015

Only Two Weeks Remain

The entrance to Promenade Hill should be a a showplace--the western terminus of Hudson's major street, the approach to the city's most historic park, the link to stunning views of the river and the mountains beyond--but sadly it's not.

Instead it's an uninviting expanse of clumsily patched concrete, with industrial strength balusters that serve no obvious purpose, bordered by a maze of retaining walls, one of which has been covered with white primer in preparation for a mural the plan for which no one has approved and the design for which no one has seen. 

For more than a year, TGW Consultants, retained annually by the City of Hudson and Hudson Development Corporation to write grant applications, have been talking about obtaining a grant to restore and improve Promenade Hill. The idea started out as a fairly comprehensive project, but over time it has been reduced to providing universal access to Promenade Hill and making other unspecified improvements to the entrance. There was a meeting on June 24 at which most people present expected to see the conceptual design that would accompany the grant application, but nothing was presented that hadn't already been seen. Another meeting to present the conceptual design was promised, but no meeting has been scheduled, and the grant application is due on July 31--just two weeks from today.

There's a lot riding on this grant. If it isn't successful, the Common Council has committed to spending $20,000 to install a temporary ramp to achieve universal access to the scenic views from Promenade Hill, which will undoubtedly add to the hodgepodge of design elements and regrettable ideas that characterize the space today.

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