Sunday, May 29, 2016

Holiday Weekend: Parking and Trash

Wherever your car is parked this morning, it can stay there all day and through the night. Memorial Day is one of several holidays on which alternate side of the street overnight parking is suspended. If this were an ordinary summer weekend, you would have to park your car on the even side of the street tonight (tomorrow being May 30, an even day), but because the tomorrow is a holiday, your car can spend the night on either side of the street.

This is what the trash barrels along Warren Street used to look like on the last day of a long holiday weekend.

Photos: Sarah Sterling
The good news is that a similar trash overflow won't be happening this weekend. It has been reported that a DPW crew came through this morning and emptied all the trash barrels along Hudson's main street.


  1. Amazing. Just like a real city with pride. Thank You !!!

  2. Are parking meters enforced on Memorial Day?

    1. A good rule of thumb for answering this question is to ask yourself if it is likely that the City is paying the meter attendants overtime to work on a holiday. If the answer is no, there's a good chance there is no need to feed the meters.

  3. no . parking meters are not used on holidays