Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Freedoms of Summer

What can do you between Memorial Day and Labor Day that you can't do the rest of the year?

If you are a properly brought up Baby Boomer, you might answer, "Wear white shoes." If you're a Hudson resident, you are more likely to answer, "Park my car overnight on either side of the street on the weekend."

Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton announced this afternoon that, starting on Friday, May 27, alternate side of the street parking is suspended on weekends until September 30. This means that from Friday night to Saturday morning and from Saturday night to Sunday morning cars can be parked overnight on both sides of the street.


  1. Wear seersucker. Sport a khaki suit. Carry a straw or madras pocketbook. Don a boater. Skip church. Drink rosé. And lose the pantyhose.