Saturday, October 29, 2016

Another Development at 400 State Street

On August 31, a "Sale Pending" sign appeared on 400 State Street, the stone building constructed as Hudson's almshouse in 1818. 

On September 12, all the trees were felled in front of the building. It was rumored that the trees had to go because they were obstructing the view of the building.

On September 22, the "Sale Pending" sign was gone, and a new sign had taken its place, one that featured an engraving from Rural Repository of the building from the time it was the Hudson Lunatic Asylum (1830-1850).

Over the past week or so, trucks and at least one car have been parked disrespectfully on the lawn in front of the building, and the outer door left standing open suggested that people were working inside the building.  

This morning, it was noted that there was not a sign of any kind of the building, and spotlights had been positioned on the ground along the entire facade.

A drive by the former almshouse turned asylum turned seminary turned orphanage turned library sometime after dark seems in order.

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  1. Grass green, or pea green. - Not too dark. Not too light. Tending toward the yellow side, not the blue side.