Sunday, October 30, 2016

Share Your Opinion . . . Before the Fact

Here's an opportunity that doesn't come along very often. The owner of 426-428 is undertaking work on the building: replacing the windows (except for the arched windows on the top floor) with double-hung wood windows and restoring the woodwork on each of the buildings' three oriels.

So, here is the challenge for you, tasteful readers. Suggest a color that the oriels and other woodwork should be painted.

The picture below shows Warsher Row as it appeared in 1905.

The tonal differences in the historic image suggest that the central oriel may have been painted a different, somewhat lighter color than the other two oriels and that the value of the color on the other two oriels was similar to that of the red brick. In 1905, all three oriels appear to have been painted fairly dark colors, not the cream color that they are now.

While you are submitting your suggestions for colors, you might also share your opinion on this question, although this time no one has asked for it: Should the balustrade on the central oriel, which appears in the 1905 photogtaph but is missing now, be re-created?


  1. At that time terra cotta and stonework were all the rage - yet not everything could be built in those mediums - wood was used with the express intention of painting it the color of the brick or stone. So do that . It will be so subtle yet rich without making s gaudy statement . The center oriel is important as signified in the brickwork accenting it so yes the balustrades are most necessary and maybe a slighter lighter Hugh color to accent it's richness is in order. Also , all doors and window frames (all things wood) get painted the same terra cotta color. IMHO

    1. Vincent, in the old photo, the doors seem to be much darker in color - do you agree?

  2. The Rolling Stones say, "Paint it black!"