Sunday, October 2, 2016

The First Step in Building Bridge

The City of Hudson is about to take the first step toward rebuilding the Ferry Street Bridge.

At  the Common Council Public Works Committee on Wednesday, DPW superintendent Rob Perry reported that on September 20 he sent out requests for an expression of interest to four of the eleven engineering firms that are on the preapproved list of engineers for this region. The first money for the project--$250,000--was released on October 1. The money is earmarked for the preliminary design, which must be completed in one year. The preliminary design, Perry explained, will be "95 percent structural." Once the preliminary design has been completed and approved, work will begin on the final design, which will include the "aesthetics"--what the bridge looks like above the roadway. 

The funds for rebuilding the Ferry Street Bridge have been secured through the New York State Department of Transportation's Region 8 office. In order to receive the funding, the project must be executed according to DOT's prescribed timeline. That timeline dictates the construction of the bridge will occur in 2020.

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