Monday, October 17, 2016

We're Looking for a Few Good Men and Women

Everyone loves the Dr. Oliver Bronson House, Hudson's own National Historic Landmark. Because of its location, though, on the grounds of the Hudson Correctional Facility, opportunities to visit the house are few. But next Saturday, you have the chance to make the house feel as if it's your own.

Historic Hudson is seeking a few willing and able helpers to take part in the Dr. Oliver Bronson House Volunteer Work Day. From 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday, October 22, volunteers will help clean up from the 2016 construction season, set up an architectural fragment archive, and perform light landscaping work. To be a part of it, contact Historic Hudson by email or phone (518 828-1875) to preregister. On the day of the event, wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes, and bring work gloves and eye protection. Light refreshments will be served.


  1. Please note that according to the site plan for a proposal by A. Colarusso and Son, Inc., which seeks to rearrange the South Bay causeway, the Plumb-Bronson house is not, and never was, located in the City of Hudson. Please correct your records (heh).

  2. unheimlich... can you please explain you above comment, of course the house is in the city of Hudson and what has it to do with the south bay causeway.....


    1. The site plan map for the causeway proposal is skewed in favor of the project sponsor.

      Using the same technique which the same engineer used for the same client when misreporting site plan measurements for the wharf work, this latest site plan, which requires a FOIL request to see, underreports the project's footprint by a half; e.g., measurements reported as 50 feet are, in actuality, 100 feet.

      Additionally, by incorrectly reporting the location of the City's boundary, the project sponsor achieves the same perception that the project is less inside the City than people think.

      But as a result of moving the municipal boundary where it crosses the causeway on a straight boundary line, properties which are inside of City limits further down the same line now find themselves in Greenport.

      The Plumb-Bronson house is one such property which the skewed site plan has relocated to Greenport. The City's drinking water plant (at the top of Rossman's) is another.

  3. Want to make Hudson a better place? Here's a radical proposal: close down the prison, tear down the building, and construct affordable housing on the site.

  4. if I understand this boundary line shift dose this mean Hudson is not 2 square miles anymore, which would leave the prison in greenport.
    the only affordable housing in Hudson is for people who can afford it,and no sign of any $$$$$$$.00 change