Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More About School and Community

The Warren Street Academy, the alternative learning program that combines The Bridge and the Bard in Hudson Early College Program and is located in the former COARC building now owned by the Galvan Foundation, maintains a student-run thrift store at 203 Warren Street, a building owned by Galvan Housing Resources.

This morning, a reader sent Gossips this picture and reported that the sidewalk display of merchandise and the sandwich sign were forcing pedestrians into the street. It is hoped that one of the first things the students running the store learn is that Hudson city code requires four feet of sidewalk be kept clear of displays and clutter.


  1. how true, please pass the word regarding sidewalk space to Hudson's wonderful merchants along warren st.

  2. Hmmmmmmm...Maybe your "gossip" should be focus on what this store really represents and the amazing opportunities it offers to youth. These students are able gain real workforce readiness skills in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Highlighting nonsense such as occupied side-walk space instead of praising such a wonderful and innovative project is a shame.