Friday, October 7, 2016

Proposition 1: Fair & Equal

With Election Day just a month away, signs encouraging support for Prop 1--the Fair & Equal proposition-- are cropping up all around town.

Recently, too, a well-reasoned explanation of the process that yielded the proposed new ward boundaries has been added to the Fair & Equal website: "How We Created Wards of Equal Population." It is recommended reading for all as the day approaches when Hudson voters will decide whether or not we adopt the new ward boundaries and do away with our arcane system of weighted voting.

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  1. This is all well-and-good (and colorful), but the Ward maps remain, despite the lengthy explanation, maps drawn ups by 5 men and woman in a room (a bit of hyperbole, but correct my numbers here). At a F&E meeting I attended a couple months ago, one of the F&E organizers said that they had drawn several alternative ward boundary maps, but decided on the one they propose. Councilwoman Tiffany Garriga was there that night and asked if she could see those alternatives. Seemed like a fair request to me -- especially to people who claim the fair-and-equal high ground. But as far as I know, Garriga never received those alternate ward boundaries. And I don't see them on F&E website. thanks, peter m.