Friday, October 21, 2016

Just Say Yes . . . Twice!

The Fair & Equal Campaign, which of course is encouraging everyone to vote yes on Proposition 1, which would establish wards of equal population in Hudson and do away with the weighted vote system in the Common Council, released a statement yesterday wholeheartedly endorsing Proposition 2 as well. Proposition 2 would establish a Service Award Program for active members of the Hudson Fire Department.
A Service Award is a benefit guaranteed to any active firefighter who meets the program requirements by accumulating 50 credits of service per year. Hudson's firefighters are diligent volunteers we all depend on, at all times of the day and night, on every single day of the year. They fight fires everywhere in Hudson, investigate fuel spills, send firefighters and equipment for mutual aid to other jurisdictions, and provide emergency dive teams for boating accidents. By law our firefighters must undergo one hundred hours of training a year, keeping up the same skills that are required of paid firefighters. When the Prop 2 referendum is approved, up to $700 a year will be set aside for active firefighters who accumulate the required annual points.
The Fair & Equal Campaign believes there are no more deserving recipients of this benefit than the men and women of our Fire Department. We urge every voter to turn your ballot over and vote yes for Prop 2, the Service Award Program referendum!

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