Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Eger Communications and Blue Hill

More than two weeks ago, Gossips linked to an article in the Register-Star that reported Congressman John Faso was calling for the FCC to move forward with the plans for Eger Communications to build a new tower on Blue Hill, in the Olana viewshed: "Another Faso Misstep." That article quoted Faso as saying, "This is a simple replacement and upgrade that is vital for our local emergency communication capability."

Frederic Edwin Church, Our Banner in the Sky, 1861
Courtesy the Olana State Historic Site
Needless to say, there is more to the story than what was presented by Faso in his call for the FCC to get off the dime. The rest of the story is explained in a letter by Sean Sawyer, president of The Olana Partnership, and Jeff Anzevino, director of land use advocacy for Scenic Hudson, which appeared in the Register-Star on Monday: "My View: Providing the public with the full story." The letter reveals that Eger Communications has refused to participate in a Section 106 Historic Review, as defined by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, and recently "appealed directly to the White House, members of Congress, and other elected officials to push the FCC to quickly approve the project." The letter, which can be accessed here, is recommended reading.