Friday, August 24, 2018

Of Media Outlets in the Hudson Valley

HudsonValley360, a.k.a. the Register-Star, has been running this ad online, paid for by the SuperPAC Congressional Leadership Fund.

If you click on the ad, which, out of curiosity, I did today, you are treated to a video railing against Antonio Delgado for a rap album he made in 2006 as "AD the Voice." To support its claim that Delgado is "offensively radical," the video quotes three words from an article that appeared in Chronogram on July 20.

Yesterday, the editorial director of Luminary Media, which publishes Chronogram, spoke out against "this SuperPAC attack on Delgado, which takes our coverage completely out [of] context": "Luminary Media Condemns SuperPAC Attack Ad."


  1. What the Chronogram editors dismiss as "decade-old rap lyrics," a "non-story," the candidate last week characterized as an "adult choice." Chronogram's frustration is palpable because the easy alternative was to dismiss the lyrics as "juvenilia" and just move on. It came as a shock that he didn't.

  2. That ad ran 4 times last night during a 1 hour program on HULU.

  3. The root of the problem here is the Democratic voters of the 19th CD. They went to the polls and nominated a guy who is new to the district, did some rap music in the past, worked in the largest lobbying shop in the world, and who got the vast majority of his campaign contributions from NYC zip codes. Democrats gift-wrapped this present to Faso and put it on a silver platter, AGAIN.

    1. Exactly, and now the Chronogram editors are caught up in transparent damage control due to their candidate's "own goal." His opponent the incumbent - but really any opponent - would be foolish not to use it, and nearly obligated to do so.

      The editors can stamp their feet all they want, but until Democratic voters can grasp your comment ... well, you said it perfectly.