Thursday, April 14, 2022

A Day in the Life of the HPD

We have probably all, at one time or another, witnessed a driver running a stop sign or exceeding the speed limit, or a truck trying to execute a turn onto a narrow street after straying off the truck route. When that happens, we may think, "Where are the police when they are needed?" Most of us realize that, even in our small city, the police cannot be everywhere.

Yesterday, the Hudson Police Department received an email from a citizen who had witnessed three drivers pass through the intersection of Warren and Third streets while using their cell phones. The implied complaint was: "Why aren't the police doing something to stop this dangerous behavior?"

In response to the complaint about distracted drivers, Lieutenant David Miller supplied the daily incident log for yesterday, April 13, to show what the police were doing yesterday which prevented them from monitoring intersections and handing out tickets to drivers caught texting or talking on the phone. Gossips was copied on both the complaint and the response, and with Lieutenant Miller's permission, yesterday's log appears below. (Click on the image to enlarge.) 

The log shows that, in their twelve-hour shift, the two officers who were on duty yesterday dealt with thirty-three incidents, among them a person with a gun, shots fired, an assault, and a hit-and-run accident.

The photo used to illustrate this post is from a series called "A Day in the Life of Hudson Police, 1960," found on


  1. The 2 REMOVE PERSON incidents scare me the most. I would like to do that to all the distracted drivers I see in Hudson -- remove person from car and make them walk to their destination. Without their celphone, of course. Return tomorrow and you can have your car and phone back. B Huston

  2. dear Carole,

    i suggest the police publish this weekly or you could for them.

    how many days are shots fired ?, and how many people are armed with guns in "friendly hudson" ?

    1. Of course, shots fired could have been something different, sounds like gunfire but wasn't.