Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Of Interest

WAMC is reporting today that the Common Council in Albany voted unanimously to make outdoor dining, introduced in 2020 to support the city's bars and restaurants during the pandemic, permanent: "Outdoor dining in Albany to continue beyond pandemic."

Photo: All Over Albany
In the past, the Hudson Common Council has tended to want to imitate what the Council in Albany does--for example, the "good cause" eviction law and the honorary naming of streets. One wonders if this action on the part of the Albany Common Council will have any influence on our Common Council's decision about outdoor dining.

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  1. Purely from a tourist perspective, outdoor street dining is now an experience that most people have had. This is especially true for those who experience what New York City has been implementing in response to the pandemic.

    This article is a signal that it is not only the fancy city people who enjoy these new ways of experiencing a meal in their city.

    As a result, it seems an imperative that the City of Hudson do what it can to design an outdoor dining experience that can compete, and win.