Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Help Is on the Way

For the past month or so, there have been complaints on social media and elsewhere about the crumbling pavement on Third Street just south of Warren Street. 

Photo: Bill Huston
Today, the Hudson Police Department made the following announcement on its Facebook page:
STREET CLOSURE--Starting 3:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 27--South 3rd Street between Allen St. and Warren St. will be closed to all traffic. It may take more than one day for DPW to repair a large hole in the road surface. Large trucks will not be detoured, and will be flagged through the work zone.

It's too bad large trucks can't be warned on Route 23 not to follow Route 9G into Hudson but to seek another route.


  1. This makes no sense. First of all, there is not one hole on South 3rd, there are TWO areas that are crumbling from a bad repaving job done by Colarusso 5 years ago (all paid for with State DOT funds) which Hudson taxpayers will now be paying to be repaired. The pavement surrounding the area nearest Warren has already been cut into by DPW -- it covers the entire width of the street curb to curb and at least 25 feet wide. I have not inspected the other area that is close to Allen, but I think that is not the entire width of the street. Allowing trucks and cars on 3rd while work is taking place is going to slow this job down considerably. If the entire width of the street is to be repaired it should be done in one effort, not half and half. This, like the 2 blocks of s. 3rd for the past 5 years, will be a crap show. If a professional contractor were doing this job, rather than DPW, the road would be completely blocked to all traffic because that is the way it should be done. DPW is in way over their heads, this IS NOT a simple patch job. Rob Perry claimed they would have to dig down two feet to get at the problem. Colarusso (or some other contractor) should be replacing their poor work at no charge. Our DPW is not adept or prepared to properly replace roads, and this too will likely fail. B Huston

  2. This is another negative effect of our truck route -- it being very difficult or impossible, as well as time consuming and expensive, to reroute for a day or two or three or more just to repair or repave a portion of it properly. If DPW could have readily rerouted the truck traffic away from 3rd, they would have, just as they are going to reroute cars during the project.