Friday, April 8, 2022

News from the HPC

The Historic Preservation Commission meeting today went on for three hours and finally ended when several members, and the HPC's legal counsel, had to leave, and there was no longer a quorum. A special meeting is being planned for next Friday to consider four projects the commission didn't get to today. 

What took of the lion's share of the three hours were the public hearing and commission's deliberation on the two buildings being proposed by the Galvan Foundation for North Seventh Street, the area of the city that Galvan has dubbed "The Depot District." Gossips will report on that later. For now, we will share news about another Galvan project: 501 Union Street.

In October 2020, the HPC granted a certificate of appropriateness to most of what was proposed for the former "Apartments of Distinction"--everything but the treatment of the part of the facade that in this 1893 image of the building appears to have been a storefront.

Today, Walter Chatham, architect for the project, presented a revised design for the ground floor of the building. What is now being proposed is a "storefront" of painted wood, which wraps the corner of the building and echoes what was there in 1893. 

Chip Bohl, architect member of the HPC, declared the new design "quite good," and the rest of the commission granted it a certificate of appropriateness. 

The building is being restored to become nine apartments on the upper three floors, with whatever commercial use is permitted in the R-3 zone (professional or business offices) and perhaps another residential unit on the ground floor. 

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  1. Will it be ADA compliant? Have an elevator? Handsome building though. At least on the exterior.