Friday, April 22, 2022

Of Interest

An article published today in Chronogram announces that John DeLucie's new restaurant, to occupy the former location of Ca' Mea at Warren Street and City Hall Place and to be called Merchants Social, is expected to open next month: "Chef John DeLucie to Open Merchants Social in Hudson in May."

Photo: Chronogram


  1. I can recall the day when we were happy to find a donut with sprinkles on Warren St.

  2. I miss Ca'Mea's old spot. Memorable.

  3. If Micahel works his magic like he did at The Maker Lounge he will indeed be an invaluable asset to Merchants Social. The guy is simple brilliant at his craft. In addition, if the word on the street is accurate and he is joined by his sidekick Juan Carlos from behind the bar at the Lounge, they will once again be an incredible team. J.C. is an artist when it comes to bringing Mike's imaginative creations to life. He is also as entertaining as he is talented. I truly hope the old band is getting back together again. Sounds like the cusine and the setting will be top shelf as well. Best of luck to Merchants Social and thank you Bread Folks for that croissant!

    1. Kang does some great drinks, and is reason enough to give the new place a shot.

  4. Merchants Social -- sounds so Brooklyn. Just what Hudson needs more of!