Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Preservation Update: 501 Union Street

On March 16, Gossips did a post about 501 Union Street, the "Apartments of Distinction," prompted by some photographs a reader provided showing lights on in the building at night. 

At that time, Walter Chatham, who is the architect for the project, provided this information in a comment:
501 Union has recently had a massive re-building of the basement and foundations in preparation for its restoration into an apartment building. New steel columns will replace the original wood ones which had been removed or altered throughout this fine old building.  
Today, a different reader sent me this photograph, showing activity at the building.

This time, I decided to ask Chatham what was happening instead of waiting for him to provide the information in a comment. Here's what he told me:
A few weeks ago I told you that there was a new foundation and footing system to carry a new steel column structure. That looks like shoring that will be used to hold the floors in place while the new structure goes in.
The plan for the building, which has been filed with the Code Enforcement Office, is for nine apartments, presumably three on each of the three upper floors, with commercial space on the ground floor.


  1. Jeez, GALVAN will be busy this year. There's 501 Union, the Alger House, mega project at State and 7th, the brewery there, Tennis Community, trying to get a hotel on Warren approved, a WORK IN PROGRESS sign on a building on lower Warren's even side, several vacant buildings and houses including at least three deemed Dangerous and Unsafe by our Code Department.... Am I forgetting anything in Galvan's arsenal?

  2. There is a misunderstanding about what is planned for the ground Floor of 501 Union. It was originally a shop in the 19th Century but became residential sometime after the building was built. The current Hudson Code does not currently allow commercial in the R-3 District and so the floor will have to be either Residential or "Accessory Residential Use". The HPC has asked us to restore the "storefront" and that has led to confusion. We are putting "storefront" into a residential building to make it look like it did; but it can't be commercial under the current code.