Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Resilience Admidst the Mud and the Muck

This Saturday, September 2, the businesses along Catskill Creek in Catskill, most of which were flooded with as much as seven feet of water by Hurricane Irene, are, in the midst of the muck and the mud, throwing themselves a party. The party is being hosted by Craig at Coney Island Ice Cream, on the creek at Bridge Street and West Main. Lex Gray and the Urban Pioneers will be performing, and there will be fireworks! Gossips isn't sure when the party begins-- fireworks suggests it's sometime at night--but a $20 donation is requested to help the creekside businesses recover from the storm.

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  1. It was seven feet of water in some basement spaces and five feet at street level. Really amazing. I saw it myself, and spent the morning today shoveling the muck out of Mountain T-shirts. These people really need our support. So, come if you can. Suggested donation (at the ice cream truck is $20. It might be the most expensive ice cream sunday you ever bought, but it will make you feel especially good. And, the band is really good! It all starts around 2PM with the band going on around 6PM. Firework expected after dark (hopefully).