Friday, August 5, 2011

Another County Heard From

Overlooked in Thursday's Register-Star was a somewhat condescending letter to the editor, entitled "Civic Heart," written by Steven W. Lindsey, a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, who visited Hudson recently. After complimenting the city on its architecture, especially "your civic and religious edifices of brick and stone," criticizing the city for faded American flags displayed at private residences and peeling paint on the Verizon building on Union Street, and along the way referring to Hudson as "your fair town" and "your burg," Lindsey presumes to offer an opinion about the relocation of county offices to the old Walmart building, completely missing the fact that the old Walmart building is not "located at the edge of town" but is located in a different municipality.    

A note about the title: It's an idiom that means "an unexpected person has spoken up."


  1. How very odd, especially from a (would-be?) elected official from another state. I'm glad to see that this clumsy guy is a Democrat.

    -- Jock Spivy

  2. That letter is just weird... One wonders what prompted it. Does he have a friend or relative in local government who pushed him to write this?


  3. As a back door neighbor to Verizon I can testify to their cheapness.
    They have an ancient AC system in their parking lot that is forever a source of noise complaints by the neighbors that actually live here and try to sleep with the windows open.
    Instead of replacing the unit with an upgrade with higher efficiency it's patch and fix on a monthly basis.

  4. To Jock--He's no Josiah Bartlet, that's for sure.