Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The State of Education in Hudson

The standardized test scores for schools throughout New York State were released at the beginning of the week, and it may come as no surprise that overall the performance of the students in the Hudson City School District was mediocre at best. The tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics were administered to students in Grades 3 through 8, and across the board, in both basic curriculum areas, with the notable exception of Grade 4, more students failed to meet the expected proficiency standard than met or exceeded it. The charts below show the percentage of students in each grade performing at each level. To understand the charts, it's necessary to know the significance of each of the four levels.  

Level 1: Below Standard
Student performance does not demonstrate an understanding of the content expected at this grade level.

Level 2: Meets Basic Standard
Student performance demonstrates a partial understanding of the content expected at this grade level.

Level 3: Meets Proficiency Standard
Student performance demonstrates an understanding of the content expected at this grade level.

Level 4: Exceeds Proficiency Standard
Student performance demonstates a thorough understanding of the content expected at this grade level.

Think about the lackluster performance of HCSD students when you read Audra Jornov's report in the Register-Star on the continuing stalemate with the Hudson Teachers' Association: "HCSD board: Speed up talks." The teachers' contract expired on June 30, and the teachers' union has not agreed to schedule a meeting to resume contract talks until October 12. In May, the HTA rejected a salary freeze that could have saved five or six teaching positions. In a report released in June by the Albany Business Review, HCSD ranked 10th highest in teacher pay among the 93 school districts included in the study, with a median salary of $60,997.  

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  1. I'm disappointed, saddened and angered at the results of the recent scores. How are these children to succeed? The READING program that has been developed is OUTSTANDING and sorely needed. Accolades to Lisa D, Alice H, Karen R and the volunteers. Perhaps the possibility of a MATH program also? Bless our little ones & their families that are stuggling economically and emotionally. "Victims of circumstances? apathy? neglect? all of the above.". We need parental support, encouragement and awareness to secure that the needs of the students are met.