Saturday, August 20, 2011

Showcasing Hudson's Great Trees

Imagine the 200 block of Partition Street without this rare and stately American elm.

Then sign the petition to protect Hudson's heritage trees. 


  1. Consider the grand and ancient tree on the north side of Union below 6th street and in front of the lawyer's office. Can an expat in the land of trees ( France has some of the largest forests in Europe we are told and thus the cleanst air) sign the petition?

  2. Byrne--I'm working my way around Hudson, guided by David Marston's tree inventory, showcasing a single tree or group of trees every day. I haven't gotten to that tree yet, but I am well aware of it.

    Of course, an expat can sign the petition. You've earned the right to care about what happens to Hudson.

  3. Scott Baldinger( makes an excellent point in his most recent blog post: that we should not forget about the care and watering of Hudson's public trees and shrubbery. Our future "heritage trees".

  4. ... and when will Hudson replace the dead tree in front of City Court / HPD - still festooned with a string of Christmas lights - so sad and depressing !