Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swept Away!

While Katrin Hecker of Animalkind was busy orchestrating the rescue of animals stranded during Hurricane Irene and saving the twenty-five special needs animals sheltered at her home on Catskill Creek, floodwaters swept away a barn on her property that housed all the vintage clothing collected for this year's Project Catwalk, Animalkind's major fundraising event.   

Only six weeks before the event is scheduled to happen, the organizers of Project Catwalk are trying to rebuild collection of fashion so that the fundraiser can go forward as planned. They are appealing to everyone to search their closets for funky high-end fashion that can be transformed into the magical ensembles that will be paraded down the runway and auctioned off at Catwalk. To remind yourself of the kind of thing they seek and how wonderful this fashion show and auction is, check out Gossips coverage of last year's Catwalk 

Fashion contributions should be delivered to Animalkind at 721 Warren Street in Hudson.  

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  1. Oh no! That's awful! Thank you getting the word out! I will try to spread it further.