Saturday, May 5, 2012

City Hall Stews Over Food Carts

Last Thursday, April 26, the Hudson Planning Commission approved the plan to create an open-air food court--as Sam Pratt described it, "the antithesis of a mall food court"--at 347 Warren Street. Now it seems Mayor William Hallenbeck and Alderman Cappy Pierro (Fifth Ward) are fretting about food carts, like Steve Walsh's Ponto Brasil, that ply their trade on city sidewalks and city streets. Tom Casey summarizes the situation in today's Register-Star: "Where to draw the line on food carts?" 

Meanwhile, workers were busy yesterday installing a picket fence around the vacant lot at Fifth and Warren streets where the American Glory food truck is ensconced. Could it be that Joe Fierro is thinking of opening his own outdoor beer garden on this corner, or is the fence meant only to discourage loiterers from using his picnic tables?  

AUTHOR'S NOTE: In a chat at the Hudson Farmers' Market this morning, I heard another theory about the fence: that its purpose may be simply to deter people from letting their dogs poop on the grass.   


  1. A picket fence - how "quaint."

  2. Makes me almost nostalgic for the old veteran dude,selling one sneaker,scruffy stuffed animals,a broken speaker ,8 track tapes,other strangeness and very ancient boxes of store bought bake goods ,in the middle of the sidewalk,east village style.I mean ,that was his spot.

  3. Every time I pass "his" corner, I also wonder what became of him. He told us his wife was very ill, but that was a few years ago. He also showed us a picture of himself as a young man in the service. Really quite handsome in his youth. Anybody know his name or what became of him?