Monday, May 28, 2012

Dog Tales: William Goes to the Parade

Forgive the cuteness. This post is being told in William's "voice." 

The human said there would be no bagpipes, so I agreed to go to the parade this morning. We got to our spot on Warren Street a little early, so I lay down on this cool stone I know about (I mean cool literally) and waited for the parade to start.  

I waited . . . 

and I waited.

These guys were waiting, too.

Finally, I heard the parade coming. There were drums, but none of those bagpipes that hurt my ears.

As the parade approached, the human and I zipped across the street, where I could stand in the shade of a tree and the human could take these pictures.

After we'd watched for a while, a man who was marching (the human told me later it was Doc Donahue, an alderman from the Fifth Ward) invited us to join the parade, and we did! I think I was the only dog in the parade. We marched down Warren Street for a little bit. Then we turned by the church and went to the courthouse. (The human told someone later that she didn't know if we were a one-person contingent of Common Council alumni or the self-proclaimed Dog Mayor of Hudson and his human escort/adviser.) 

When we got to the courthouse, I was tuckered, so I collapsed on the grass. (What do you expect? I'm fourteen and a half. That's more than a hundred in human years.) The lawn was luxurious. I was lying in clover! Normally the human never lets me set paw on that grass. She's always reading me a sign that, according to her, says, "No Dogs on Lawn."

I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the speeches. In spite of the fact that the human is pretending that I'm writing this post, I don't know more than a hundred words, so speeches are pretty much lost on me. But the humans were listening, and they kept applauding, so it all must have been good. 

Through the whole ceremony, I didn't fidget and I didn't bark and I didn't bolt when they shot off the guns, even though I didn't like that part very much. Why they shoot off guns to honor people who were killed by guns doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know? I'm just a dog. 


  1. William, I think you've got the gun part spot on. Just a dog is quite something, at least in your house and ours.
    Charley & Bella

  2. William, you were so brave today! When I had two humans, I had to think of them as "that one" and "the other one" to keep them straight. Love, Lulu

  3. William, I am honored that you found cool comfort on my cool stones.
    You are most welcome anytime!
    And aren't the neighbors looking out the window fun too!

  4. Some very good observations William. Your are not just a dog you are Prince William - primary caregiver to your companion. Don't forget your place! And take it easy on these hot days.

  5. My human tried bringing me to the parade Monday, but there were tubas playing in the band. I was wounded at Battle of Tuba in a different parade, so I was afraid to get too close. Now that I see the pictures and hear your story, I'm sorry I missed out. I'll work on overcoming my fear before Flag Day.

  6. Oh, Gershy, the Flag Day parade is no place for a dog. Take it from me. Too many drums, too many bands, and bagpipes! Ouch!

    If your human wants to take you to a parade, she should wait a week and take you to the Hudson Pride Parade. It's much more dog friendly, IMHO.