Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More About Abramovic's Vision

Tom Casey reports on yesterday's conference in Long Island City in today's Register-Star: "Abramovic's vision unveiled." The article is accompanied by the renderings of the interior space, as well as the rendering of the exterior that Gossips published yesterday.

The presentation can be heard in its entirety on WGXC.

Photograph by Sarah Sterling


  1. As linked to on my blog yesterday, a large suite of visuals (9 total) of the project can be found at Koolhaas's site.



    1. I just wanted to tell Sam,but couldn't comment on his site, that your piece
      (after/or before? the Marina visuals)

      "Regional citeitis
      (the City Hall disease)"
      was truly excellent

  2. Most capital campaigns aren't even announced until at least 1/3rd of the money is in hand. Is there any indication that there is already $5 million committed to this "Institute," or who the donors/supporters might be (e.g., Dia Foundation), or what the ongoing operating costs might be ?

    I believe Marina A. is a wealthy woman; but these are not trivial sums and probably nothing close to this amount has ever been raised specifically for Performance Art.

    (I speak as a former trustee of Franklin Furnace, where Laurie Anderson, Hannah Wilke and others began their public careers, and whose collection/library documenting Performance Art is now part of the library at MoMA -- and so I've been involved in fund-raising in this Performance area, and believe me, it's not easy.

    -- Jock Spivy