Saturday, May 26, 2012

More About the B&B Reclassification

Tom Casey's report on the reclassification of Hudson B&Bs, with quotes from GAR Associates vice president Cindy Baire and David Brown, one of the B&B owners affected by the change, appears in today's Register-Star: "Classification Warfare."  


  1. responding to a comment in the Register star :
    The amount of insurance a homeowner gets is up to the individual home owner.
    I don't see where this has anything to do with an assessment classification.
    An in home business such as an owner occupied B&B exists in a (first and foremost) home.
    Maybe some people do but I don't go to city hall every month to see if the assessor has changed
    something in my property description. I have been fighting this reclassification since I received my
    new assessment May 1st. BTW this exact battle was fought and lost by the city under Singletary
    just 3 years ago. What a wast of tax payers money it will be this time around !
    An owner occupied 5 room or less B&B in a residentially zoned area should have an assessment classification of 283
    Residence with incidental Commercial use. Incidental means the residence has not been altered to accommodate the commercial business.

  2. Please ,I hope you left your comment on R.S.
    The more people that read your comment the better.
    What a terrible waste of time and energy,
    to have to worry and go through all this,
    for all the B&B owners.
    Its so disrespectful at best ,to one of Hudson's greatest assets.
    The B&B's are the best in Hudson and essential.
    Each one unique and all of them great.
    On my dad's 80th birthday I put 20 people that traveled from far and wide ,
    of all ages in different B&B's in Hudson over 3 nights and I knew they would all be happy
    Nine, at your lovely Inn at Hudson .Everyone loved it.
    We all ate lunch & dinner at different restaurants(27 people total)
    and they all went to galleries,Olana and shopping and spent money
    at the different great stores here in Hudson
    I could have never done this without
    the gracious innkeepers of Hudson's B&B's.
    The memories my family took away that weekend are all priceless
    The City should be bending over backwards for all the B&B's here.
    The 3RD'B'
    they bring everyone else here, in business ,is more Business.

    It's good to see Sam Pratt is on this case and Alderman Friedman spoke out in Council,and Legal Committee Meeting.The City needs to clear up this mess,immediately.