Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maybe or Maybe Not

We're all on tenterhooks. After four years of studies and searches, deliberations and consultations, public hearings and public protests, RFPs, options to buy, and costly false starts (Ockawamick), the Columbia County Board of Supervisors is finally ready to vote on buying 25 Railroad Avenue for the Department of Social Services . . . or maybe not. John Mason has the story in today's Register-Star: "Vote on DSS building purchase may be today." 

Former BOS Chair Roy Brown (Germantown) remains opposed to the purchase and explains why in a MY VIEW: "No on Railroad Avenue purchase." 


  1. In MY VIEW BOS Chair Roy Brown's is a must read commentary to the "Vote on DSS building purchase may be today"
    "No on Railroad Avenue purchase."
    I can only pray that the rest of BOS reads it and heeds it.Columbia County needs to stop this. Hudson BOS are going to try and steamroll this,especially Scalera,Hughes ,Cross
    with maybe the exception of Sterling and Thurston,if they are not bullied into it.Good Money after bad.Where do these people think all this money is going to come from?How are the taxpayers going to pay for this?This is a never ending money pit and health hazard.Once BOS buy this for taxpayers ,we will never be able to unload it and Concra just laughs all the way to the bank.
    Let Concra keep it and start paying taxes,and recoup some of the outrageous money the taxpayers have been handing him for over 20yrs and no return.

  2. the dss should be located out of hudson. hudson is not a community that even has a supermarket where the poor can buy food. they can buy expensive wine, european cheese, and have a three course meal at Swoon, but hudson is not the town for section 8 people. Greenport is more like it. currently, dss has to give people cab fare to go the price chopper.

    the industry of poverty in hudson has moved, and rick scalera and gang will have to face it.