Friday, May 25, 2012

This Morning at the HPC

Although several people turned up this morning with the expectation that something more would happen, the Historic Preservation Commission stuck to its plan to accept applications at the first meeting of the month and vote on accepted applications at the second meeting.

This morning the HPC voted on four applications that had come before them on May 11. They granted certificates of appropriateness to the construction of a porch to be used as an outdoor seating area at 347 Warren Street, to the proposed alterations to 13 South Third Street, and to the proposal to move 900 Columbia Street to 215-219 Union Street. (Rick Scalera, special adviser to the Galvan Foundation, which is proposing to move the building to save it from being demolished, told someone seated near him in the audience, who in turn told Gossips, that the house would probably be demolished anyway because moving it would turn out to be too expensive.) The HPC denied a certificate of appropriateness to the proposal to move the Robert Taylor House, at the head of Tanners Lane, to 23 Union Street. The denial was based on the fact that the application submitted had been incomplete. 

Having done that in the space of about ten minutes, the HPC went into executive session. Cheryl Roberts, counsel to the HPC, explained the justification for the executive session, which lasted for more than an hour, was "attorney-client privilege." 


  1. More "executive sessions." There sure are a lot of secrets around here.

  2. How does Scalera account for his time?
    When is he working for GalVan and when is he on the Board of Supervisors,representing 5th Ward Hudson and Columbia County.?Ethically ,he can not be involved with GalVan ,on anything to do with County or on any project he was actively involved with as Mayor.He can not legally serve two masters, here.Is GalVan paying him?We are.But even if Scalera is volunteering on GalVan's Board,he still must recuse himself,on any issues/projects with the County&his former involvements as Mayor.All of this County SRO,DSS,Mental Health and County involved monies with GalVan,he must recuse himself.
    It is beyond my understanding,how it is possibly legal to be on both the Board of Supervisors of Columbia County [& the amount of terms Scalera served as Mayor] and on the Board of GalVan,as there is very little that would not come under conflict of interests and undue influence.Everyone of Galloway's entities are involved with manipulations of city,state,federal monies in one way or another.

    Attorney Cheryl Roberts was appointed city attorney ,not elected,to serve and uphold the Law for WE THE PEOPLE,who pay her salary and fees.She was reappointed by the new Mayor that THE PEOPLE elected to serve and put our are best interests first, by the Law,
    at all times.We The people pay the Mayor's salary from our taxes.
    The Mayor appoints the members of the Historical Preservation Commission,within the parameters of Historic Preservation Code[Law]
    and they are our ,THE PEOPLE,representatives to protect our architectural heritage and designated Historical Districts,for now and future generations.We entrust that faith in them,even though ,we did not elect them.
    We entrust that responsibility and faith and our tax dollars,that Cheryl Roberts ,the appointed attorney,is protecting us and taking care of our best interests at all times,even though we did not elect her.
    How is it possible that HPC and city attorney,
    both appointees that represent We THE PEOPLE of HUDSON
    can claim "attorney /client privilege".
    They aren't operating in the private sector.
    Cheryl Robert's only "client" is WE THE PEOPLE of HUDSON and Roberts is THE PEOPLE of Hudson's attorney ergo ,HPC'S attorney also, by assignment ,who are also representing the People by being appointed members of the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Hudson by whom ever was Mayor at the time of their being appointed.
    I need this explained to me.