Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jane's Walk: Site 19

The artist Henry Ary moved to Hudson from Providence, Rhode Island, in 1844. As a resident artist of Hudson, he painted many views of Mt. Merino, South Bay, and the Hudson River, including this one of South Bay from a vantage point very near the Robert Taylor House. 

Ary taught drawing and painting to fourth-year students at Rev. Hague's Hudson Female Academy at 400 State Street. He was Sanford Gifford's frequent sketching partner. He painted the portrait of George Washington that still hangs in the Common Council chamber at City Hall.

When he died in 1859, Ary was living in a house located at what is now 420 Warren Street, but the house he lived in was not the ornate brick Queen Anne structure that now occupies the site. 

Ary lived instead in the clapboard house to which this Queen Anne structure was added. The original clapboard house still survives and can be glimpsed behind the brick addition. 


  1. David Voorhees submitted this very flattering comment:

    Too bad there isn't a "Like button" for your Jane's Walks. They are a wonderful guide to seeing afresh Hudson's amazing architectural heritage.

    David William Voorhees

  2. Great work, Carole - Much Appreciated!