Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hungry Hopes Dashed

On May 10, Gossips announced with jubilation that the year-long wait for Acres Co-op Market to open was soon to be over. The co-op board had a memorandum of understanding with Nick and Carrie Haddad to lease the retail space and warehouse space at 217 Warren Street, and they were anticipating signing a lease in 45 days, with the hope of opening the co-op before the summer was out. But now, sadly, none of that is going to happen.

Gossips has received word that the food co-op has had a change in plans. The co-op board decided that they needed to have a stronger organizational and financial foundation before they could take on the long-term commitment of a lease. So it seems Hudson will remain a food desert for a while longer. 

But take heart, hungry Hudsonians. There is still the Hudson Farmers' Market, which is here now, every Saturday, and the possibility of Filli's Fresh Market on the horizon.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer. That was a really great location and
    parking /outdoor space right on Warren in the heart of bossiness district, with drive in access to the warehouse bldg. from Cherry Alley.
    Well ,like you said we have the farmers market now and hopefully the co-op will find the space that works for them soon.Time to go plant my garden.
    I hope Filli's will be able to come soon.Haddad retail space and warehouse,might be perfect for them,and no building,or risking having SRO's over their Store and Galvan as a landlord. Besides refrigeration and obvious shelving,that place is in practially move in condition. Oh Filli's
    come check it out please!!