Saturday, May 19, 2012

Former Historic Site for Rent

This discreet sign appeared recently on the extensively rebuilt and renovated building at 211 Union Street, which was once the birthplace of Hudson's most celebrated native son, General William Jenkins Worth.

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  1. When I was researching the history of the armory, I learned that David Smith Cowles, two term District Attorney for Columbia County, lived at the Worth House immediately before the start of the Civil War. The 28th Separate Company, for whom the armory was erected in 1898, was nicknamed "Cowles Guards." Cowles' obituary follows:

    from The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 9, 1863:

    of Hudson, New York, (brother of Judge EDWARD
    P. COWLES,) was killed in the assault at Port
    Hudson, on the 27th ultime. He commanded the
    One-hundred-and-twenty-eighth Regiment of New
    York Voluneers, made up in good part of the hardy young farmers of Columbia county, many of them men of wealth and high social position. Colonel Cowles was himself wealthy, stood at the head of the bar of Columbia county, was a widower, about forty years old, of fine physical development, being over six feet high. He went into the war as a matter
    of patriotic duty, telling his friends that he did not expect to survive it, but considering many such lives a cheap sacrifice for the preservation of such a country as ours. From a private letter just received from Major FOSTER, of the regiment, we gather that he died as the true soldier would wish to die, leading up his men to the enemy's works. He was killed by a bayonet thrust in the groin, and lived about an hour after he received the wound. He was carried a short distance to the rear by Sergeant BELL, who supported him in his arms until he died. He was every inch a soldier, cool in council, brave in battle, polite in his intercourse with others, and happy in all his relations. His last words were: "Tell my mother I died with my face to the enemy. Lord Jesus receive my spirit." It is expected that his remains will arrive here shortly, and will be taken to Hudson for burial.