Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jane's Walk: Site 24

We'll linger on the 500 block of Warren Street to ogle the oriels. Of all the blocks of Warren Street, the 500 block has the greatest number of oriels, besting the 400 block, which has thirteen, by two. By far the most impressive are the oriels on this row of four identical houses512, 514, 516, and 518--built in 1882.

Taken on its own, each house, with its amazing half-circle, two-story oriel, is stunning, but the effect of the four of them together, lined up in a row, is nothing less than spectacular. This early photograph of one of the houses inspires longing for the return of the awning as a means of keeping a house cool in summer.

In the case of these four houses, constructed in 1882, the oriels are part of the original design, but there are many examples on the 500 block of oriels that were added to existing buildings. The oriels on 502 and 504 Warren Street are examples of oriels added to a building that clearly predates the era when oriels were all the rage in Hudson.   

Take a look at the rest of the oriels in the 500 block and, in each case, decide for yourself if the oriel is an original feature of the building or if it was added as part of a "Victorianization" of the building.

508 Warren Street
517 Warren Street
522 Warren Street
523 Warren Street
525 Warren Street
536 Warren Street
543 Warren Street
545 Warren Street
553 Warren Street



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  1. Thanks Carole,
    I am so curious about when the" oriel rage " started. Was it that the "new" buildings that have the oriels in the original design were built and then everyone else that could afford and wanted to update their buildings "just had " to have at least one or more? The 4
    you show with oriels original are 1882.I have visions of door to door oriel salesman.