Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jane's Walk: Site 8

News of the proposed plan to move two houses inspired the theme of today's Jane's Walk offering.

This house, across the street from St. Mary's Academy on Allen Street, looks curiously out of place among the stately homes that occupy the rest of the block between Third Street and the courthouse. 
The simple reason for the incongruousness is that the house did not start out at this location. It was moved to this spot from Union Street about the time that Hudson's grand new City Hall, now known as the Hudson Opera House, was completed in 1855, and the block-long street that runs alongside it, connecting Warren and Union streets and still known as City Hall Place, was created.

The picture above provides more evidence that 900 Columbia Street would fit right in on the 200 block of Union Street. This house, so like 900 Columbia in mass, scale, design, and vintage, once stood on the north side of Union Street, right next to what was first Mount Carmel and is now St. Nicholas Ukrainian Church.


  1. Thats interesting. Mental health wants to build around 900 then tear it down just like the church did,

  2. Nice house but unfortunate that every open spot in Hudson is seen as a place to stick a house. A little open space around town for small parks and trees would be a good thing.

  3. Now I wonder what was torn down on the corner for the church?

    And yes - the richness of Hudsons landscape is being eroded by this 'build to the borders' hacking and chopping of her green spaces.