Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ear to the Ground

When she presented the 2017 budget to the Common Council, Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton announced that the budget for the Youth Department would be increased by 6.1 percent and a new part-time Youth Director would be hired "to focus on management and fiscal oversight, including budgeting, grant writing, and the further development and expansion of partnerships with local agencies and organizations to provide more comprehensive programming for youth." Gossips has learned that someone has now been hired to fill that position. It is Nick Zachos, founder of the Hudson Sloop Club, who serves on the Conservation Advisory Council and chairs the Waterfront Advisory Committee.

Photo courtesy Kite's Nest


  1. Oh, I like this news.

    Well done Nick. Well done Hudson.

  2. That is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Congrats Nick and great job to the city for a fantastic choice!

    Rob Bujan

  3. CONGRATS Nick! This is fantastic news! So happy to hear this and great choice from the City of Hudson!

  4. To join the chorus, this is an excellent appointment. Nick is a very competent and energetic man, with an good temperament to boot. Thanks Nick for being willing to serve.