Monday, January 9, 2017

Despite the New Year, Much Stays the Same

Tonight's organizational meeting of the Common Council took all of five minutes. Council president Claudia DeStefano announced that the rules of order will remain the same and the committee assignments will remain the same. Tiffany Garriga will continue as majority leader. The single change is the minority leader. 

Last year, by some logic that escaped the average person, Abdus Miah, a Democrat, was named the minority leader of a Common Council made up entirely of Democrats and one NOP (no official party). This year, there will be an actual minority leader. Although both Robert "Doc" Donahue and Priscilla Moore ran as Republicans in 2015, neither was a registered Republican. Donahue was a registered Democrat; Moore an NOP. Since then both have become registered Republicans, so it was a tossup between them who would be the minority leader. Donahue ceded the position to Moore, and Moore accepted.

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